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21 retail spaces, offices and homes made using shipping containers

Given their low price point and eco-friendly characteristics, its no surprise that shipping containers are gaining popularity. We've gathered the most aesthetically pleasing, creative and functional examples we could find.

The n3 Guide To Providing Coffee For Your Staff

There are so many options when it comes to coffee! We’ve compiled some answers to common questions and useful facts to help you choose the best coffee solution for your workplace.

The Best Business Reads In 2017 From Industry Leaders

We've found some of the best places to find books recommended by global industry leaders.

6 potential health effects of a sedentary job

We've researched some of the most common side effects of sitting for too long. There are 6 main health issues to be aware of and protect against.

15 quick and easy lunch ideas for taking to work

It can be hard to find inspiration for lunches during the work week. We tend to be short on time, or we want simple recipes with minimal prep and ingredients. That's why we've curated this list of quick and easy ideas for you.

Night owl or morning bird? How to use it to your advantage at work.

People once thought that anyone who slept in was lazy and a wastrel. Now we know that every body is different - so we've put together some hacks for using your sleep patterns to your advantage at work.

7 types of decision making styles you'll encounter

Have you ever felt confused by how someone you know can rush into a decision without careful consideration? Jeff Shinabarger has identified seven types of decision making styles that explain why and how we make the decisions we do.

8 tips to help motivate staff with repetitive tasks

Not all tasks are created equal - some will be more repetitive and tedious. So how do you motivate staff to do the dull stuff better?

Case Study - Quality Roading and Services

Quality Roading and Services deal with road maintenance and construction, quarrying, civil construction, utility services and reserves maintenance. QRS have a longstanding relationship with n3 of around 20 years. Find out how much QRS saved with n3.

10 Employee Benefit FAQs

We answer 10 of the questions that we are asked most often about Employee Benefits.

Five steps to deal with stress

We all suffer from stress at some point, whether it’s in our work or personal lives – here’s how to avoid being overwhelmed.

Four ways to boost your happiness at work

We spend a significant amount of our waking hours at work, so it’s worth making sure you’re feeling as positive as possible while you’re there. Read on for our tips to make your working week a bit more cheerful.

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